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Cant Tap This

Getting fit

Lived through another Sunday Workout In The Park. Hill runs, 150 situps & bridges, sprints, bearwalks & more. After the situps and shoulder bridges I threw up, but kept at it and kept up with the others. Still a bit shaky today, but pleased w myself!

We had more new peeps join us this time which helps with overall motivation. If interested in a serious workout give me a shout!



Hi, I should start working out but I don't think I can do 150 situps, That's crazy! Where do you work out at? Is it only for women? (i am a male)

I've been working out at home, and on Sundays in the park, but next week my schedule will allow me to join Ford's Gym (2114 Winnebago St, Madison) and work out there with the peeps in my crew.

Are you from the Madison area?


Yes I am from Madison. Lived here all my life. I should be doing cardio every day but I just can't motivate myself. I am in better shape than I was a year ago but exercising by myself is the pits.